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Nyx Face Awards 2016

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well and that you’re enjoying your Sunday.

I get quite a few questions about my Nyx Face Awards expierence so I thought I’d put up a post with the ins and outs!

If you haven’t heard of the Awards before, the Nyx Fine Artisty of Cosmetic Elites or FACE awards for short is a yearly contest held by the cosmetics company NYX. The awards have run for 5 years in the US, last year the branched out to the UK and Ireland and this year the awards were held in a number of countries Including the US. Spain, France, UK and Puerto Rico. The Prize varies from place to place but usually involves a cash sum, a years supply of make up, a trip to the LA Face Awards, being a brand ambassador for a year and the glory of being Beauty Blogger of the Year!

So contest is round based, in April NYX held open auditions on Instagram, to enter you were to create a 15 second make up tutorial that showcased your skills as an Artist. I created a Nyx Goddess of the Night look.

I made a small latex prosthetic peice for my forhead and used body paint and glitter to create a night sky look.

6 (2)

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the Top 20, I was on my way to the airport to attend the United Makeup Artists Expo when I got the call from NYX, I honestly don’t recall all that much of what was said as I was just yelling “THANK YOU SO MUCH” constantly down the phone, it was very exciting and overwhelming!


The next stage, NYX send along a box of goodies that you are to use in your make up challenge, you’re also required to make an Unboxing Video. Now this where things got a little complicated XD Sadly my box got held up, so I wasn’t able to get my unboxing video made for the deadline, I instead opted to make a “Non unboxing” video so that I could still join in with the awards.

Contestants were given two weeks to create a make up look that fit the theme Heroes Vs Villains, with my box still missing I was sadly unable to work on my look for the two weeks, the box did arrive, 48hours before the due date dun dun dunnnnn!! I was os happy to see it at last as that few weeks had been very high stress, I annoyed NYX almost constantly haha but they we’re very helpful and patient with me XD So I had to rush to make my unboxing video and make my video for the challenge!

The whole box saga definitely left me in a bit of an anxiety ridden state lol and it really effected my final video. I took a risk and went a little far out from the theme, playing on the idea that we all have a villainous side and a heroic side. I Ran through the look the day the box arrived but I really wasn’t happy with it, so with 24hrs to go before the deadline, I re did everything and sht/edited and uploaded the video that night/morning, it ended up being done at around 6am the day of the deadline ;_; This is my final look/video.



It was definately not my finest work, It needed a lot of fixing but given the way I’d worked myself up, I was pleased I got a look done at all :’) I sadly didn’t make it through to the next round but I learned a couple of valuble lessons about working under pressure and what not to do in that situation mwahaha, so for that I am happy and I will be ready to go when the next FACE awards come around ^_^



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