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Foot Gun Shot Wound Tutorial

Hello guys and ghouls!

Hope everyone is well today, this post will be on how I created this foot injury/gun shot wound.


I first saw this look on Rob Benevides FX instagram page (which is sadly now gone) so I wanted to give a quick run down on how I achieved this look. It’s fairly straight forward but effective and these techniques can be easily transferred to other injuries/wounds.


I started out by soaking cotton in liquid latex and laying that down to create bone and muscle texture. I used a reference photo to figure out where to lay the cotton.


Next I added colour, I used dark browns, purples and light washes of black around the bones to create depth. I used reds to fill in the large open areas on the wound and yellows and oranges to create fatty tissue. I am using Mr Dashbo Alcohol activated paints here but cream paints, lipsticks ect would work fine too, use what ever you have to hand!


Now for the skin surrounding the wound. I took Kryolan Cine Wax in small amounts, I flattened the wax between the plams of my hands to molded it in to the rough shape I wanted. I laid this over the wound and tweaked the shape until I was happy. I then smoothed the edge of the wax over the surrounding skin to blend it down into my foot. I used sculpting tools to lift areas of *skin* over the wound to add more depth. When using wax it’s really helpful to cover your hands/sculpting tools in Vasaline, it makes the wax less sticky and far easier to work with.

When I was satisfied with the placement I used a textured sponge to dab over the wax, this will help remove shine and will also add some skin textures back into the wound. I then powdered everything.


To finish this look, I went back to my alcohol pallet, I used thin washes of blue, red, pink and ivory to match my skin tone, pay attention to your own skins undertones and slowly add those back in working in layers, I like to use small nail art brushes to lay down thin washes of color and chip brushes to spatter on vein tones (I’m very pale so my skin appears transparent and kind of mottled :’)).

Lastly, I took some BloodyMarvellous Dark blood and added this to the wound. I like to add a small amount of blood to the wound and then go back in with a tissue/wet wipe and lift the top layer away, this gives the appearance that there WAS blood in the area without drenching everything and hiding all the sculpting work, I’ll do this a couple of times, add the blood, clean up and I’ll use the excess from the tissue to apply to the outside *skin* to marry everything together.


So that is it for this post, I hope you liked it/learned some stuff, sorry there are not more detailed pictures of every step, this makeup is probably about a year ol at this stage but I’m asked for tutorials often so I used what I had heh! Please check out my Instagram: KayKaidaFX and let me know if there are other looks you’d like tutorials for! I’ll have anew Youtube video up shortly for a Cosplay make up, which I will also post here.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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