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Boxaboza Review.

Hey guys hope all is well and everyone is getting ready for a wonderful weekend. This post is a review of the Kawaii Box from http://www.boxaboza.com/ that they kindly sent along to me ^_^

I was sent this box a little while ago and originally reviewed it on Instagram, now I have started up this blog I thought as may as well post it here too!


About Boxaboza – they are a sub outlet of Uniqso, one of the most popular online circle lens and wig supply stores. Unlike a  beauty box subscription service, you choose one of the five available boxes to be sent to your door, that way you have an idea of what you’re getting.

The boxes contain Asian skincare products, beauty products, make up, contact lenses and fashion accessories.

My box arrived really quickly, I think the postage took around a week? It arrived via DHL, well packaged and secured.

I opened the package and found a beautifully decorated gift box. Inside I found a lovely thank you card, one pair of Sweety Contact lenses in Rainbow Green, Blink n Clean eye drops, contact lense travel kit including a mirror, tweezers and dropper bottle, a Phone charm and a cute pair of glasses which turned out to be perfect for my upcoming Eto cosplay!

The contacts I got were Sweety Rainbow Green lenses (they now also offer EOS) they are 4 tone lenses with a base curve of 8.6mm and a diameter of 14.5mm.

Comfort 5/5 : I find these lenses super comfy and can happily wear them all day

Colour 4/5: They are beautiful subtle lenses, they blend nicely as I have light eyes and look very natural.

Enlargement 5/5: They give a nice Dolly eye look without being over the top!


I think these boxes would make an excellent gift, I was so pleased with mine, you’re given a rough idea of what will be inside but there is still an element of surprise. All in all I loved my Boxaboza box and I’ll definitely be trying some of the other boxes in future!

Rating : 5/5

Check out http://www.boxaboza.com and get 10% off with the code KKFX ❤





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