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Genderbend Kaneki Cosplay, Rize attack!

Hey all!

Hope you’re doing well. Just a little post with some shots of a makeup look I did a few days back. I wanted to go for a Kaneki Ken cosplay with an SFX twist! I decided to go for a Kaneki Chan rather than Kaneki Kun look, I really need to practice my female to male make up skills before going there ha!

I decided to go for Kaneki from the very beginning of Tokyo Ghoul, after his date with Rize, where she attacks and bites him. I first did a simple Dolly eye look for the innocent, wide eyed Kennamon Roll look! The wig is from and the Lenses are from I printed off a cover for the Goats Black Egg and covered one of my note books to use as a prop!


download (2)37 (2)

images (2)


I made the bite with an out of kit silicone modelling compound, I’ll get a pictoral post up on that shortly! I messed up the coloration on this piece but you live and learn right! I’ll know better for next time.



download (1)insta2




Thanks for reading ❤


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