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Sweety Holly Turquoise Lens Review

Hi guys!

Hope all is well!

Back with a review of some really pretty contact lenses 😀 I was sent these Sweety Holly lenses in the colour Turquoise by Uniqso ^_^


I instantly fell in love with the colour, I had been wanting some lenses for a Saeran Choi cosplay and these looked perfect! I was worried that they would be too similar to my own eye colour and wouldn’t show up but I was so pleasantly surprised by how vibrant these lenses are. They blend nicely with my own eye colour whilst still having a really great colour pay off.

The lens isn’t too thick so I found them very comfortable, I couldn’t feel them at all in my eyes and they didn’t rapidly dry them out either.


These have a really nice enlarging effect, you can make it more prominent with makeup as I have done here but you could easily get away with using these for everyday wear.


All in all I am super happy with these


Shipping: 10/10

Price: 10/10

Colour: 10/10

You can get these at and I have a discount code for you: Kay10 ^_^

Have great day guys and talk you soon!



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