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The Evil Within *yells*



Who else is excited for The Evil Within 2???!!! *screams*

I’ve been replaying TEW (why do I hate myself this much?) and I was recording little clips so my friends could laugh at me over on Twitter and I actually really enjoyed it :’) Making Makeup Videos is a little bit stressful sometimes and this was a nice change, all though I know full well this doesn’t “belong” on my channel… I have 3 viewers and I’m sure they don’t mind seeing as they watch my videos my humor me mwahahah!I do have an idea to pull the two things together….lets see if I manage to actually do it hahahaha.

I know with Youtube the idea is to be consistent, in what you post and how often you do so , I can be consistent in one of these ways but not both. I have a lot of different interests and I can get fixated on one and not look at another for months at a time or I may enjoy them all at once! So having a messy Youtube seems to be the way forward for me!

Here are my screaming videos if you want to have a lol at my expense and I’d love if you came over and subscribed!


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