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The Umm-Xorcist!

Hey guys, just a quick little youtube video! I had wanted record a chatty video of this make up application, how ever when I wen’t to edit the footage it was all corrupt…. Videos from the same day were fine… just these we’re all blurry, they black screened, had loads of white noise, It was… Continue reading The Umm-Xorcist!

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Uniqso Wig Review (sponsored)

I received this beautiful Wig from a Uniqso a few months ago to review on IG, now that I have this blog I thought I would add a more in depth review, I hope you like it! Link – Type 100% heat resistant fibre Wig Color Silver White Wig Length 120cm First of all, I… Continue reading Uniqso Wig Review (sponsored)

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Genderbend Kaneki Cosplay, Rize attack!

Hey all! Hope you’re doing well. Just a little post with some shots of a makeup look I did a few days back. I wanted to go for a Kaneki Ken cosplay with an SFX twist! I decided to go for a Kaneki Chan rather than Kaneki Kun look, I really need to practice my female… Continue reading Genderbend Kaneki Cosplay, Rize attack!

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Japanese Medical Eyepatch / Kaneki Ken eyepatch prop.

Hey guys and ghouls! Hope all is well with you! Here is a quickie Kaneki Eyepatch tutorial. I had some trouble making one from fabric in the tutorials I had seen, then I thought… it’s a bandage…. so make it from  bandages :’) Hope you like it and hope someone finds it helpful ^_^

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Foot Gun Shot Wound Tutorial

Hello guys and ghouls! Hope everyone is well today, this post will be on how I created this foot injury/gun shot wound. I first saw this look on Rob Benevides FX instagram page (which is sadly now gone) so I wanted to give a quick run down on how I achieved this look. It’s fairly… Continue reading Foot Gun Shot Wound Tutorial