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The Evil Within *yells*

    Who else is excited for The Evil Within 2???!!! *screams* I’ve been replaying TEW (why do I hate myself this much?) and I was recording little clips so my friends could laugh at me over on Twitter and I actually really enjoyed it :’) Making Makeup Videos is a little bit stressful sometimes… Continue reading The Evil Within *yells*

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The Umm-Xorcist!

Hey guys, just a quick little youtube video! I had wanted record a chatty video of this make up application, how ever when I wen’t to edit the footage it was all corrupt…. Videos from the same day were fine… just these we’re all blurry, they black screened, had loads of white noise, It was… Continue reading The Umm-Xorcist!

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Sweety Holly Turquoise Lens Review

Hi guys! Hope all is well! Back with a review of some really pretty contact lenses πŸ˜€ I was sent these Sweety Holly lenses in the colour Turquoise by Uniqso ^_^ I instantly fell in love with the colour, I had been wanting some lenses for a Saeran Choi cosplay and these looked perfect! I… Continue reading Sweety Holly Turquoise Lens Review

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Geo Coloured Lenses Review

Hi everyone hope all is well! Just stopping by with a review forΒ I was looking for some purple/violet lenses for my Tsukiyama Shuu and Rize Kimishro cosplays, I went for these Luna Violet CM – 721 Lenses from Geo. Lens Code CM-721 Color Violet Collection Luna Packaging 2 vials Life Span Yearly SPECIFICATION Power… Continue reading Geo Coloured Lenses Review