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Genderbend Kaneki Cosplay, Rize attack!

Hey all! Hope you’re doing well. Just a little post with some shots of a makeup look I did a few days back. I wanted to go for a Kaneki Ken cosplay with an SFX twist! I decided to go for a Kaneki Chan rather than Kaneki Kun look, I really need to practice my female… Continue reading Genderbend Kaneki Cosplay, Rize attack!

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Japanese Medical Eyepatch / Kaneki Ken eyepatch prop.

Hey guys and ghouls! Hope all is well with you! Here is a quickie Kaneki Eyepatch tutorial. I had some trouble making one from fabric in the tutorials I had seen, then I thought… it’s a bandage…. so make it from  bandages :’) Hope you like it and hope someone finds it helpful ^_^

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Tokyo Ghoul Naki Make up

Hey guys! Here’s a tutorial for my Genderbend Naki Cosplay Makeup, not the best video in the world but I hadn’t been up to making one for such a long time that when motivation struck I just kinda rolled with it :3 Hoping to be uploading videos on a regular basis now. All products are… Continue reading Tokyo Ghoul Naki Make up

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Foot Gun Shot Wound Tutorial

Hello guys and ghouls! Hope everyone is well today, this post will be on how I created this foot injury/gun shot wound. I first saw this look on Rob Benevides FX instagram page (which is sadly now gone) so I wanted to give a quick run down on how I achieved this look. It’s fairly… Continue reading Foot Gun Shot Wound Tutorial